Exterior Painting

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We provide unsurpassed exterior painting services to customers throughout Connecticut. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is available to complete any project. To receive a free consultation, contact us.

Exterior Procedure
ASG Painting offers a thorough preparation process to ensure the highest quality finish.

  • We pressure wash all substrates using a non-toxic/biodegradable cleaning agent, outlined in the customized painting proposal to remove mildew, dirt, or chalking.
  • We thoroughly scrape surface areas intending to be resealed to remove loose, peeling, cracking, or blistering paint.
  • We sand rough surfaces to allow for maximum paint adhesion.
  • We spot prime all bare and new wood using only top quality primers. Rust inhibiting primer will be applied to metal surfaces showing signs of rust.  Shellac based primer will be used to seal out knots and tannin bleed.
  • Caulking the gaps and seams: Over time, expansion and contraction occurs to the surface of the structure. It is most important to the integrity of the professional coating, to fill any openings with a product that will move (breathe) with the structure to guarantee an efficient seal, and prevent moisture damage.
  • We mask and cover all bushes, walkways and roofs.  Paint is only applied where it is intended to be, not your shrubs or driveway.
  • Application will be performed by professional painters, in ideal conditions to provide a uniform finish. Finish coatings will be applied by hand brush, roller, airless sprayer, or HVLP sprayer (high volume low pressure). Any surfaces covered by airless sprayer will be back brushed for optimal coverage.
  • We offer and a minimum 5 year warranty on most exterior work.  The reason we can offer such a warranty is because of our exceptional preparation and the use of the industry’s best products.

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